• minithon2020 Student Leadership Team

    Senior Heads: Aryanna Chambers and Valentina Marino

    Junior Heads- Rose West and Daniel Isajiw 


    Special Events- Tressel Stone

    Family Relations- Sarah Adams  and Brooke Myers

    Morale- Grace Myers and Corry Ledebur

    Entertainment- Parker Edge

    Business Fundraising- Anika Vilivalam and Kellen Wood

    Donor Relations- Vanessa Hutchinson

    Contact: Want to join Mini-THON? Contact

    Laura Ebersole <lebersole@umasd.org> to be added as a member of our Schoology page.


    September Pediatric Cancer Awareness Event: Trivia Night: Sept 23rd 7pm


    What is Upper Merion’s Mini-THON?


    Upper Merion’s Mini-THON is an event modeled after

    Penn State’s annual Dance Marathon (THON) that raises money for

    The Four Diamonds Fund, an organization devoted to fighting pediatric cancer. Upper Merion's Mini-THON consists of five consecutive hours where students dance and participate in a variety of activities. At the end of the event the winning grade is announced and the total amount of money raised is revealed.


    Upper Merion started its own Mini-THON program in 2013. This is our 8th year helping the Four Diamonds Fund fight pediatric cancer.


    While the Upper Merion Mini-THON consists of grades competing against one another, our students take the event’s motto—For The Kids—to heart. One hour during the Mini-THON is dedicated to hearing stories from families and children who have been helped by the Four Diamonds Fund. The children’s presence at our Mini-THON helps participants understand the importance of the event. The leadership team meets on Wednesday mornings in the Library Classroom from 7:15am-7:35am.  The event itself is held annually in the sporing.


    One day, we will dance in celebration of beating cancer, but for now, we dance for the cure.