• Student Leadership Team


    Senior Heads: Arielle Oslon and Malak Ibrahim

    Junior Heads: Sarah Perch & Maeve McDaid 

    Entertainment: Kendall Wood 

    Business Fundraising: Mahum Mahmood 

    Hospitality: Elizabeth Harding & Ella Frawley 

    Special Events: Diego Castro-Medina

    Family Relations: Abby Yuen & Mackenzie Wardlow

    Donor Relations: Brandon Vo & Julia Giammarco 

    Morale: Thu Ngo


    Want to join Mini-THON? Contact

    Laura Ebersole <lebersole@umasd.org> to be added as a member of our Schoology page.


    What is Upper Merion’s Mini-THON?


    Upper Merion’s Mini-THON is an event modeled after Penn State’s annual Dance Marathon (THON) that raises money for

    The Four Diamonds Fund, an organization devoted to fighting pediatric cancer. Upper Merion's Mini-THON consists of five consecutive hours where students dance and participate in a variety of activities. At the end of the event the winning grade is announced and the total amount of money raised is revealed.


    Upper Merion started its own Mini-THON program in 2013. This is our 11th year helping the Four Diamonds Fund fight pediatric cancer.


    While the Upper Merion Mini-THON consists of grades competing against one another, our students take the event’s motto—For The Kids—to heart. One hour during the Mini-THON is dedicated to hearing stories from families and children who have been helped by the Four Diamonds Fund. The children’s presence at our Mini-THON helps participants understand the importance of the event. The leadership team meets after school in the second floor LGI.  The event itself is held annually in the spring.


    One day, we will dance in celebration of beating cancer, but for now, we dance for the cure.