• Upper Merion Area School District

    Old Roberts SchoolEducation has been part of the published history and culture of Upper Merion as far back as 1683 when William Penn persuaded a general assembly in Penn’s colony to order all parents, trustees and guardians to “bear responsibility for the education of their children.” It was a Swedish missionary who suggested that children in his settlement cease being tutored at home and be taught in a common school for that purpose. Many small schools have thrived to educate the children of the community since that time. By 1836, two years after a common school law was passed, Upper Merion had seven schools. The student population was 868.

    Upper Merion Today

    Today, over 170 years later, the Upper Merion Area School District is home to six schools; four elementary buildings serving grades pre-K to 4, a middle school for students in grades 5-8 and a high school for grades 9-12. The district now includes the boroughs of Bridgeport and West Conshohocken. In this, the 2018/2019 school year, we welcome a diverse student population of over 4100.

    Focused on Serving Children and the Community

    From small homes in the pastures and farmland of the 18th century where the value of education took root, to 21st century state-of-the art schools close to bustling corporate and shopping centers, our district has remained committed to its neighborhoods and most valued asset - children. An exemplary staff, outstanding curriculum, cutting-edge technology, varied extra-curricular opportunities and well maintained buildings and grounds are the result of that long-ago focused desire to serve the children and community.

    Welcome to the Upper Merion Area School District!