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    Check out our PBIS Song:

    "Old Town Candlebrook" - PBIS SONG - Candlebrook Elementary School

    Old Town Candlebrook

    PBIS Information Video for Families:

    PBIS We're All in This Together  

    What is SWPBIS?
    School-Wide Postitive Behavior Intervention and Supports (SWPBIS) is a framework to model, teach and reinforce expected behaviors in all areas of the school.  It is a research-based model with a focus on positive climate, preventing problem behavior and increased academic achievement for all students.


    Our Mission:The Candlebrook community encourages everyone to be kind, respectful, responsible and safe lifelong learners by being a CANDLEBROOK CUB!

    How can students show our Cub Code?
    Be Kind
    Be Respectful
    Be Responsible
    Be Safe
    Acknowledgement System:  When students show expected behaviors during school, they have a chance to earn Cub Cash from any staff member. Remember, Candlebrook Cubs are Kind, Respectful, Responsible, and Safe every day. Your Cub Cash demonstrates that you have showed our Cub Code or you could even earn a special reward from your school or teacher! Our PBIS program will be most successful if there is a partnership and common language between home and school. Candlebrook families are involved with acknowledgement too with giving their children Cub Coins when they demonstrate the Cub Code at home. Students are acknowledged during Friday morning meetings for earning Cub Coins at home!

     cub cash

    Cub Coin

    Zones (voice levels)
    *Zone 0 - Silence
    *Zone 1 - Whisper
    *Zone 2 - Indoor Voice
    *Zone 3 - Outdoor Voice
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    Paws & Think
    We use our "Paws & Think" sign (Placing your "paw" in the air, with finger to lip) to redirect whole group attention/focus, transition to activities, when redirecting whole group to come to a zone 0 (silence) or guide students to pause and think about a situation
    Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 6.09.34 PM.png
    Cub Code
    *Be Kind, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe - This is referred to as: Expected Behavior
    *Unexpected Behavior are problem behaviors (see definitions below): staff redirects, reteaches, models, provides classroom intervention to guide expected behaviors
    *Minor/Major Problem Behaviors are inputted into our School Wide Information System (SWIS) to best support students and provide intervention