• Right At School is an organization that currently provides highly-regarded, quality services both in local school districts as well as throughout the country. The fee-based services offer a curriculum that features hands-on learning, multi-sensory activities, child-driven projects, daily fitness, team building, and leadership development. The program will offer options for families to attend before-school, after-school or both. Right At School’s highly trained educators make sure the learning carries on before and after school in a fun and meaningful manner with fun-filled programs focused on building creativity, conditioning, character and confidence.

    Right At School will allow us to increase the number of participants who need this most important service while guaranteeing the elimination of waiting lists as well as providing outstanding service to the families of this community. We are committed to the safety and well-being of our students and we want to provide all families with the opportunity for a comprehensive in-school program. Information regarding Right at School and the registration process may be found by going to www.rightatschool.com.

    Right At School

    Right At School Direct Registration Links:

    Bridgeport Elementary

    Caley Elementary

    Candlebrook Elementary

    Gulph Elementary

    Roberts Elementary

    We are very excited to bring Right At School to the Upper Merion Area School District as we believe this partnership has the potential to be a great service to our hardworking families. To learn more about the program, fee schedule, etc. please visit links on this page.