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    I am Ms. Cavanaugh.  I grew up in Glen Mills, riding horses and pursuing a black belt in karate.  I then went to Tulane University, but transferred to UNC Chapel Hill, from which I graduated.  After that I went "across the pond" to the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, to attain my masters degree.  Living abroad was a life-changing experience!  In all facets of my education, I did fun jobs, such as teaching spin classes, pilates, and kickboxing, and I was a sales manager of a fitness equipment store abroad.

    When I returned to the United States, I taught college at Cumberland County Community College and at West Chester University.  I also tutored the SAT for 10 years, while I transitioned to becoming my favorite role: a high school math teacher!  I am so happy to work in such a nice environment with awesome students and a stellar math department.  Currently, doing Distance Learning is stretching my technology skills, but usually I am challenging myself to learn something new anyway.  My desire to "learn something new" is why I continue to undertake cooking projects, and practice golf in the hopes of advancing to intermediate...soon?

    Thank you for visiting my webpage, and if you need anything at all over the course of our studies, please never hesitate to reach out.