• Caley Elementary Attendance 





    Theresa Thornton

    Attendance Clerk

    Direct Phone: 610-205-3653
    Office Phone:  610-205-3650
    Fax: 610-557-8602
  • Attendance Information

    • During virtual school, attendance is being taken daily (Monday through Friday) during their 9AM morning meeting. If your child is not in attendance, they will be marked absent. We will be verifying the absence by email. 
    • If your child is missing a full day or any part of the day please email their name, reason your child is absent or missing part of the day (along with the time of day) and parent name to:
      • Theresa Thornton
      • Patti Bianco (pbianco@umasd.org)
      • Child's Teacher 
    • Absent notes are due three (3) days from your child's return to school.  It must be a signed note scanned & emailed, a photo of the note emailed or dropped off in the office.  
    • Trip forms are still required.
    • All forms are located on the left side of my page.