To ensure the safety and security of our students and staff and the orderly operation of the Upper Merion Area Middle School, all parents and guardians and other individuals planning to visit our schools during the school day are required to follow our school’s sign-in and sign-out procedures.  Please take time to review the visitation procedures. 


    Our School District is committed to controlling the flow of visitors, parents, vendors, volunteers, and guests within our classrooms and hallways.  In order to maintain the level of safety that our School District has enjoyed, visitors will sign in/out by documenting the specific time and location of their visit. 


    All visitors, including parents, vendors, volunteers, outside agency employees, and guests must sign in before entering.  Listed below are the proper procedures:

    -The visitor will go to the sign-in area and state their business. 

    -If the business is valid and pre-approved by school administration, the visitor will sign in using our “Visitor’s Log Binder”.

    -After checking in, an identification badge will be issued to the visitor.  A lanyard or clip will be issued to the visitor to wear the badge in a visible location.

    -Upon leaving the building, the visitor’s badge will be returned.  All visitors must sign out using the “Visitor’s Log Binder”.


    Non-Contracted, Outside Agency Employees working with our School District, will sign in and be directed to check in with our Guidance Counselor Administrative Assistant before visiting classrooms or meeting with students.