• Upper Merion Area High School Course Grading


    Biology (CP, Honors)

    Teacher(s) Name(s)

    K. Cross, M. Franko, L. Himler, D. Staley, A. Wentz, M. Werner, K. Wynant

    UMAHS Schoolwide Position on Grading

    At UMAHS we believe that all grading should directly reflect student achievement of the objectives of each course. We believe that grading is an important communication tool that must be clearly outlined for students and parents. We believe in reassessment because we value the end goal of measuring learning over when that learning takes place.  And finally, we believe that the final course grade should be the most accurate and fair measure of each individual student’s understanding of the course content.  

    Description of Grading Calculation
    Biology Grading Overview
    Upper Merion 2017-2018 School Year

    Overview: CP & Honors Biology will consist of 2-3 units per marking period. The combination of the goal assignments and goal assessments will account for approximately 60-80% of the marking period grade. Each marking period will consist of two to three unit assessments accounting for approximately 20-40% of the marking period grade.

    • Goal Assignments: Each unit will consist of approximately 4 to 10 goals. The goal will consist of multiple assignments worth up to 10 points total. In the grade-book, goal assignments will appear as Unit8_G1 (Unit 8 Goal 1 Assignment).

    • Goal Assessments:  Each unit may consist of approximately 4 to 10 goal assessments. Each goal assessment will be worth up to 3 points. In the grade-book, goal assessments will appear as Unit8_A1 (Unit 8 Goal 1 Assessment).
    • Unit Exam: At the end of each unit, a cumulative exam worth up to 30 points will be given. In the grade-book, unit exams will appear as Unit8Test (Unit 8 Test_Genetics).
    • Unit Grade: Each Unit will be broken down into 3 categories – Goal Assignment, Goal Assessment & Unit exam.
      o   60-80% of the unit grade will be a combination of goal assignments & goal assessments.
                o   20-40% of the unit grade will account for unit exams. 

    Rationale for Grading Calculation

    The grading practices outlined above are aligned with the Keystone style of grading and were generated by exploration of the text Grade Smarter not Harder by Myron Dueck.

    The grading policy excludes classroom behavior, attendance, effort, and participation. However, these compliance factors may impact a student’s ability to learn, so it is the recommendation of the teacher that the student maintains a high level of compliance when learning Biology.

    The policy excludes homework, meaning that no homework given will be graded. However, there may be times that students do not finished a graded assignment during class that will need to be completed outside of the classroom. The need for revision of work or retests will be determined once a goal/unit is completed.  Students scoring less than a C on the overall unit may be given the opportunity to revise/retest.

    Students are required to submit work to show they are proficient at a goal in a timely manner however, late work will be accepted.