Class Materials
    Students are expected to bring the following materials everyday.  Additional materials will be provided to the students as needed/ appropriate. 
    1. Plenty of PENCILS. 
    If you do not come to class with a pencil, you are not ready to learn.  NO PENS, COLORED PENCILS, MARKERS, ETC.  Leave these in your locker until you are told to bring them to class.
    Your iPad is one of the most important tools for your success in school!  It is a place to respond to class discussions, preview new and past material and to complete your work in EVERY CLASS. Come to school with a FULLY CHARGED iPad EACH AND EVERY DAY, as well as earbuds. Sal Khan is my best friend, and he soon will be your's :)
    You must keep a notebook for class or have a binder or section in your binder designated for Math.  You should not be putting Math notes and classwork in your Science or Health notebooks, and vice versa.  Organization is very important in Middle School, and you will need to have a specific book or section for all work and notes that we do together!
    4. FOLDER.
    Again, organization is key.  The folder is important for keeping worksheets, tests, quizzes, etc. from getting lost, as well as ensuring that important documents are seen and signed at home, then returned to school.

    Your soft-covered Everyday Math Journal (Volume 1/ Volume 2) must be brought to class with you each day. A copy of your hard-covered Student Reference Book (SRB) WILL BE KEPT IN CLASS, unless otherwise specified.  Every night you will have a Home Link for homework that is in the soft-covered HOME LINK BOOKLET. We use these every class period!  These books are a MUST to be prepared and organized for class. Get ready to LEARN!!
    A copy of your hard-covered Glencoe Pre Algebra Book WILL BE KEPT IN CLASS, unless otherwise specified. Sections of the text will also be found on SCHOOLOGY, too, as necessary.  Always have a folder.
     6. HOMEWORK.

    ALWAYS ON THE SCHOOLGY CALENDAR. You will have homework every Monday -Thursday night, to prepare you for your FRIDAY QUIZ!  I need to see that you are making the effort to practice and extend the skills that we work on in class. If you are absent, check with the Study Buddy Secretary(ies) for assignments AND our class Schoology page, then you and I will make arrangements for your due date.
    7.  PLANNER. (electronic or physical)
    You MUST use either a daily planner or a monthly planner to write down assignments, plan for long-range projects and note important events.  The planner is another way to help you stay organized, and make sure that your assignments are turned in on time!  Additionally, it serves as another communication tool between home and school.

Last Modified on August 16, 2019