And now for the BUZZ


    Mini-THON is just around the corner! Haven’t signed up yet? Look up Four Diamonds Donor Drive and click our school page to register. The link is also on the UM Minithon Instagram and Twitter @umminithon_.


    Interested in playing Ultimate Frisbee?  The Ultimate Frisbee club will be having its first practice on Mon, April 2nd, at the PIT.  Practices will continue all Spring.  If you are not already a member of the club, email Mr Heinz to be added to the club OR show up to the first practice.  Hope to see you there!


    SuperFans calendar for March, Other than athletics, here’s what we have so far:

    PMEA Region Orchestra 3/24


    Come to the library classroom today during lunch for “Text, Talk, Act” and free pizza.  Be part of the conversation about mental health!  We will use our cell phones for guided discussions.  Tomorrow, we will play Teen Health Jeopardy in the Library Classroom during lunches and have healthy snacks and prizes.  You can find a sign-up link on Schoology. 


    Did you notice that there are 100 pinwheels spinning in the Courtyard?  They were planted by Minding Your Mind and CAST to inspire us to  break the stigma surrounding mental health.  75 of them are blue/yellow, our school colors, and 25 of them are green/yellow to demonstrate that 1 in 4 teens will suffer from a mental health condition.  We can all reach out to each other and come together for mental health. 


    Leading up to Diversity Day, Valhalla will be posting writing prompts around the school and featuring authors from different cultures. On Diversity Day, please look for us during Exploration to see student art and writing and enjoy some great food!

    Here is today's featured author:

    Gabriel García Márquez

    • Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez combined conventional storytelling with vivid fantasy to develop the concept of magical realism.
    • His novels One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera have received international attention.
    • In recognition of his literary excellence, he won a Nobel Prize in 1982.