All assignments are written on the classroom agenda board and documented on the SCHOOLOGY CALENDAR.

    Students are required to check their assignments in their planner and through SCHOOLOGY on a DAILY BASIS.

    Assignments are subject to change.


    Parents: homework assignments are published on SCHOOLOGY. You are encouraged to verify all work with your student and have them show you how to access their page.
    • Students will have Math homework every night, except Friday.  However, it is possible that there will be weekend homework on occasion*.  In order to reinforce and extend the day's skills, it is expected that students complete the assigned homework for the night.  Homework is used as one way to gauge students' understanding of mathematical concepts. 
    • Establish a routine and a homework area at home that enables your student to concentrate without any distractions.  I encourage you to show your student problem solving strategies that you may have in times of need  -there is usually more than one way to solve a problem!
    • Each day students earn a check for completed assignments.  Each check is worth 1 homework point.  At the end of each week, points are calculated and entered as a homework grade (usually 4 points/week). Homework constitutes 5% of your student's grade for the marking period.
    • My work philosophy is TRY, TRY, TRY.  Effort goes a long way.  Please let me know if your student is avoiding homework, or continues to struggle with homework.  We will come up with a remediation plan together!
    • Academic Achiever's Club is available October - May on an as-needed basis.
    *Consistently incomplete assignments will result in a lunch reflection and referral to administration*
    *Homework may include, but is not limited to: journal pages, worksheets, text exercises, Home Links, Math Masters, interactive assignments, EDM math game nights, signatures on quizzes/tests, review sheets and packets, signatures on Family Letters, studying math facts, watching a Khan Academy video and taking notes*




    Parents: grades and attendance will continue to be posted and updated on Sapphire Parent Portal. If you need an access code, please go on to the District website under Parent Resources for information.
    The following categories will be used to calculate grades during each marking period:
    • Tests/ Quizzes
    • Class Preparation
    • Homework Completion/ Class Work Completion
Last Modified on August 16, 2019