• My Class

    ESL Beginner 

    I am so excited for this upcoming school year, and I cannot wait to meet each family! I hope you view me as a resource for your family as well as for your child.

    Learning a Language: 

    Learning a new language is not an easy thing; I know from experience! I learned Spanish through school, my internship, and my Spanish-speaking students. I understand the anxiety students can feel when speaking in specific situations. Throughout the school year, I want to build your student's confidence speaking, reading, writing, and listening in English. 

    I want students to become proficient in English, but I also want my students to maintain fluency in their previously learned languages. I value my students' many languages, and I view that ability as a benefit to their future.


    Content We Learn in ESL Beginner:

    • Journal Writing
    • Vocabulary based on common morphemes / spelling
    • Listening / Pronunciation
    • Current Events
    • Grammar Structures
    • U.S. and World Events / History