CCR Day for Seniors

  • Senior Option #1: Individual college visit or career shadowing

    Each senior is encouraged to visit a college or technical school he/she is considering attending. Alternatively, seniors are encouraged use the day to engage in career shadowing.  Students are encouraged to use family, friend, and school connections to arrange to spend the day with a professional in a career field that the student is considering. Please refer to the checklists to make your college visit or job shadowing effective.

    Students who participate in the individual college visit or job shadowing are excused from school on October 16th




  • Senior Option #2:  College visits sponsored by UMAHS


    Seniors will be offered the opportunity to attend three different trips to local colleges on October 16th.  

    • Ursinus College
    • Drexel University
    • Cabrini College and Montgomery County Community College


    Permission forms will be distributed during English Class and should be returned to C110 by Monday, October 7th.  


    Students will receive the opportunity to explore the campuses, learn about variuos majors and programs, and eat lunch in a college cafeteria.  It is truly an amazing experience for our seniors!

  • Senior Option #3:  Attend school as scheduled

    Students who do not participate in a college visit or career shadowing experience are expected to attend school. 

    Students who attend the AM section at the CMTHS will be provided regular transportation to tech.  Students with regularly scheduled classes in periods 1 through 3 will participate in college and career activities. Students will resume their regular class schedule with period 4/5.