•  Every year I offer an after-school workshop on building PaperCraft objects.  
    Tools are simple:
    • Scissors or Xacto knife
    • Card Stock paper (Staples)
    • Elmers or any white glue
    • A point sharp enough to score fold lines, but not tear them.  (Geometry compass)
    Links to some great Websites for other Papercraft Projects:
    Below are some links to the projects we worked on.
     Oogie Boogie Dice.  
    SpongeBob SquarePants
      Link   bob
     The Talking Skull skull
    Video Game Consolesgame  Link
     The Macho Taco Truck x 8
    The Eiffel Tower 
     Mothers Day
    Folding Flowers Card d Link
     The House from UP!  fd   Link

Last Modified on May 6, 2019