• English as a Second Language

    Mrs. DellaValle

    Upper Merion Area Middle School






    Honor and Practice the Viking Values Values:

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Kind

    • As individuals
    • With our classmates, teachers and classroom
    • With our school community

    Your Job as a Student...

    1. Follow school rules (Student Handbook)

    2. Come to class ON TIME and PREPARED unless you have a pass

    3. Come to class with your homework finished

    4. Participate by paying attention, raising your hand and asking questions, and taking notes

    5. Keep yourself and materials organized (use Agenda)


    Consequences of Missing/Incomplete Work: Lunch Detention, Parent Contact, After School Detention


    My Job as the Teacher...

    1. Prepare lessons each day that help you improve your academic skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing

    2. Help you to explore American culture, to make comparisons to your home culture, and to help you become bicultural

    3. Help you to understand the benefits of being bilingual: why understanding, speaking, reading and writing your first language is so important

    4. Communicate with your family regularly on how you are progressing in school


Last Modified on July 13, 2019