• Absence Procedures:

    If a student will not be in school on a particular day, the parent/guardian is requested to call or email the attendance clerk at the following numbers: 

    • Last names A to K, contact Janice Rubbo jrubbo@umasd.org  610.205.3809
    • Last names L to Z, contact Vickie Austin vaustin@umasd.org  610.205.3808

    An absence note should be turned in the day they return to school.  All absences and latenesses are marked as unexcused unless a note is presented and/or a parent makes contact by telephone or email.  The student must submit these notes within three (3) days after their return  to school.  If a note is not received within three (3) days the absence will remain unlawful.


    Four (4) unexcused latenesses will result in a detention or, if a student is 45 or more minutes late.

    Early Dismissal:

    If a student needs to leave early, a phone call from a parent and a note are required before the start of school that morning. We are unable to interrupt a classroom during school hours to notify a student of an early dismissal.