• Connecting to WiFi outside of school.

     Students are permitted to connect their iPad to wireless networks outside of school provided:
    • The student must have the permission of the owner of the wireless network to connect.
    • The wireless network is secure. 
    Students are reminded that school issued iPads are for academic, school related work at all times. All Internet history is logged and recorded regardless of location and can be accessed by administration at any time without notifying the student.
    Questions on how to connect can be answered through this link: iOS Connecting to Wifi  Students should add the linked page to their Safari Reading List so they can access the directions without WiFi.
    When connecting to a network outside of school, students MUST AUTHENTICATE through their ipads EVERY TIME.  They must first tap the “Authenticate” unlock icon and enter their school ID and Password before they use any internet based apps on the iPad.  The Schoology App and other Internet dependant Apps and sites will NOT work unless they follow this procedure. 

     iPad Authenticate

    Look for this icon:


    Enter Student ID number and password here:


    If you have problems connecting to wi-fi at home, please stop by the B214 support room.