• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Building/Construction Projects

    This page is a compilation of the questions we receive from community forums and conversations, mail and email, and feedback from our Construction Project Survey forms.

    Q:  During construction of the Gulph School, what will be the status of the road/drive coming off of Yerkes?

    A:  The access road off of Yerkes to and through the Gulph property will be closed during the construction phase of the project.  Once construction is completed, the road will more than likely be limited to a “one way” thoroughfare after construction is complete and may be closed as a “passthrough”.

    Q:  When will UMASD announce the redistricting for the new elementary schools?

    A:  Since the new buildings are scheduled to open in September of 2018, the plan is to have the redistricting and subsequent notice sent out to parents during the Spring of 2018.