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    Listed below are some items needed for our classroom throughout the school year.  Please feel free to donate any of these items to our classroom at any time.  They may just be sitting in your home somewhere, or an easy catch at your next grocery trip.  Your assistance would be of great help to our class and would truly be appreciated! :)



    Supplies for the First Day of School 
    2 Dozen #2 Pencils (sharpened)
    1 box of 24 Crayola crayons
    1 pack ( 8 or 10) thin Crayola markers
    3 Glue sticks
    1 pair of kid scissors
    4-pack Expo Dry erase markers
    1 dry eraser
    Stylus for handwriting on ipad (Amazon or 5 Below)
    1 box of tissues
    1 bottle of hand sanitizer or hand soap
    1 box of Ziploc bags (gallon size)
    Supplies Needed Throughout the Year
    Pencils (#2)
    Glue sticks
    Expo dry erase markers
    Paper towels
    Prize box donations
Last Modified on July 24, 2022