Social Skill of the Week - Bathroom Etiquette
    In every social situation there are "Hidden Social Rules".  Sometimes, we need to make those rules more explicit.  This week we're focusing on explicitly teaching students about behaviors that expected/unexpected in the bathroom.  Click the link below to see what our rules and expectations are at Candlebrook!
    Social Skill of the Week - Listening with your WHOLE BODY!
    Whole body listening* is when you are using your eyes, ears, mouth, hands, arms, legs, feet and brain to pay attention.  You can use your whole body to show someone else that you are listening, and also to figure out what is going on around you. 
    When you use your whole body to listen, you use your:
    Eyes - To look at the person speaking
    Ears - To hear what the person is saying
    Mouth - To stay quiet (no humming or singing)
    Arms/Hands - By your side or on your desk and still
    Legs/Feet - To be still (on the floor or  to sit "criss cross applesauce"!)
    Brain - To think about what is being said
    Listening with your whole body helps when you are in the classroom if someone is teaching, when you are in a group and even when you are with friends.
    Whole Body Listening
    * This concept was originally created by Susanne Poulette Truesdale
    Social Skill of the Week - Following the GROUP PLAN!
    When everyone is thinking about and going the same thing, it is called the "group plan".  This concept comes from Michelle Garcia Winner's social thinking concepts.  At school, we are all expected to be part of the group and following along with the group plan.  When we follow the group plan, we are thinking about others and what is expected.  We can use clues from what we are seeing, hearing and what we know about a situation to figure out what the group plan is! 
    We can talk to ourselves and ask:  Am I following the group plan or the ME plan?  Then, we can adjust behavior to follow along with what the group is doing!!
Last Modified on November 16, 2014