• Overview of the Sixth Grade Science Curriculum
    Our 6th grade science curriculum covers a variety of scientific topics, including:
    -Planet Earth
    -Forces and Motion
    ***The Scientific Method will be integrated into all units of study.
    Non fiction reading skills, current events, and vocabulary practice and usage are incorporated into the curriculum, as well as the opportunity for oral presentations, independent research, cooperative learning groups and technology use.  Instructional strategies and activities will be used to help prepare students for the PSSA Science Assessment, which they will take when they are in 8th grade.
    Students should review material learned in class nightly.  Major tests and quizzes will be announced ahead of time.  Student grades will also be based on completion of class activities, partner/group work, and major projects.
    To access your science textbooks from home, please click on the following link:
Last Modified on August 24, 2021