Cell phones are a distraction to the educational environment and should be turned off before students enter the building, placed in the student’s backpack and into their school locker at the start of the day. The Middle School is considered a "Cell Phone Free Zone" -- students are expected to keep their cell phones in their school locker during the entire school day.  The following procedures will be followed when students violate our cell phone procedures:

    1st Offense – The student's phone will be confiscated and brought to the Main Office.  A parent / guardian will be notified via email, and the student may pick up their phone at the end of the school day between 2:45 - 3:00 p.m.  

    2nd and ALL Additional Offenses – The device will be confiscated from the student and brought to the Main Office.  A parent will be notified via phone and email, and the parent will be required to pick up the cell phone from the Main Office. 


    Bringing electronic devices to school, including handheld video games, is highly discouraged because of the temptation for misuse as well as possible theft.