Our guidance counselors' main purpose is to help students grow academically and socially during their Middle School years.  Any student who has a problem should go to the Guidance Office for help. The clerk in the office will make arrangements for you to see your guidance counselor. 

    If parents/guardians want to talk to a counselor, they should call the Guidance Office for an appointment.


    The attendance office requires full information about each student regarding names of parents and/or guardians, the home address, home and work telephone numbers and other vital data for emergencies and for routine communications.  When any changes occur, it is the responsibility of the parent and student to see that records are promptly updated by making one call to the attendance clerk, who will see that all appropriate revisions are made at once.

    The medical office requires current medical data.  Parents are responsible for providing updated information to the school nurse.

    Each guidance counselor maintains the permanent educational records for students in his/her grade; parents may wish to meet with the counselor to check the transcript and review the student's records.  Requests should be made 48 hours in advance.

    The school district does not release records, nor permit access to student files except to authorized school personnel.  Students and/or parents or guardians must sign a release slip in order for records to be sent to agencies requesting them.  Note, however, that the school has the right to withhold all records if the student owes obligations to the district.

    Upper Merion Area School District provides parents and students access to student records in compliance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the Pennsylvania State Board of Education Code, Chapter 12 and 341; Public Law 94-142 and school district policy.  Requests for access should be made 48 hours in advance.  "Records" include all records maintained by Upper Merion Area School District that are directly related to the student.

    The above provisions afford parents of students under 18 and all students over 18 these rights:

    A. to see, correct and control access to student educational records;

    B. to inspect and review educational records after making an appointment in advance;

    C. to obtain copies of educational records if desired.  Under usual circumstances, there will be no charge for the first copy;

    D. to request a student records hearing to challenge the content of the education records; 

    E. to request Upper Merion Area School District, in writing, to amend educational records if the information contained in them is inaccurate, misleading or a violation of privacy;

    F. to file a written complaint with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Division (FERPA), U.S. Department of Education, Switzer Building, 330 C Street, S.W. Washington, D.C., 20201, regarding violations of accorded rights.

    Rights may not be waived under these provisions to receive certain benefits or services.


    Conferences for parents/guardians of students in grades five through eight are held regularly twice a year.

    Parents in grades five through eight may request a conference with an individual teacher or a team at any time.  Parents should call the appropriate teacher to set up an appointment.


    Report cards are issued four times during the year.  If students are doing poorly or are not completing assignments, an interim report is sent home halfway between report card periods.  It is important to realize that interim reports are not final marks; grades can improve or decline after interim reports are issued.  Our school uses the following grading procedure:


    A:        Outstanding                                        =  90 - 100

    B:        Good                                                   =  80 -  89

    C:        Satisfactory                                         =  70 -  79

    D:        Needs Improvement                           =  65 -  69

    F:         Unsatisfactory                                    =  below 65

    I:          Incomplete


    A:        Demonstrates outstanding performance with course objectives

    B:        Exceeds performance expectations with course objectives

    C:        Meets performance expectations with course objectives

    D:        Meets minimum performance expectations with course objectives

    F:         Unsatisfactory performance with course objectives

    I:         Evaluation withheld until work has been completed 


    The Unified Arts - Art, Consumer Science, Computers, Health, Keyboarding, Music, Physical Education, Swimming and Tech Ed are marked “O”, “S”, or “U”.  Interim reports may be issued in the Unified Arts classes if students are performing unsatisfactorily in the class.  Arrangements may have to be made between a teacher and a student for makeup work to be completed in the final week of the course.

    Outstanding (O):         Exceeds expected learning objectives

    Satisfactory (S):          Meets expected learning objectives

    Unsatisfactory (U):      Does not meet expected learning objectives 


    The Honor Roll will be Distinguished Honors (all A’s, O’s and S’s) and Honor Roll (all A’s, B’s, O’s and S’s). To qualify for the Academic Social in June, a student must make the honor roll in the first, second and third marking periods.


    The purpose of this award is to recognize academic success in the classroom.  To be eligible for the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence, students must meet the following two requirements:

         1) Students must earn all A's in 5th, 6th, 7th, and the first semester of 8th grade. 

         2) Students must score Advanced on the most recent PSSA exam for reading or math.