Parents are invited to attend meetings of the Parent Teacher Council.  These informal sessions are open to all parents and staff members and are scheduled monthly through the school year.  Unusual classroom events and programs are announced by staff members or mentioned occasionally in letters to parents written by the Middle School principal.  Middle School events and calendar updates are also available on the middle school webpage on the district website.

    Activities, meetings, conferences, vacations and other information for the upcoming school year are posted on the district website.  News and announcements are broadcast on the district's cable access station, The Viking Channel, and posted on the district website.


    When parents have questions about their children's progress and day-to-day life at school these are the steps they should take:

    1.  Parents should make an appointment with the teacher to discuss their concerns.  If parents still are not satisfied, they should move to step #2, and so on.

    2.  Make an appointment to discuss the situation with the guidance counselor.

    3.  Call the appropriate assistant principal to arrange for a conference.

    4.  Call the building principal to arrange for a conference.

    In most instances, problems dissolve or diminish if discussed and resolved promptly.


    Official information about school activities and procedures is announced daily during the first period or at the end of the day.  The daily announcements are posted on the Middle School webpage daily.



    When snow, ice or other adverse weather conditions require Upper Merion Area Schools to be closed, the following procedures take effect:

    •    The Superintendent of Schools makes every effort to determine to close schools before 6 a.m. on the day in question.

    •   If schools are closed, an automated calling system will be used (School Messenger) to notify all district families of emergency closing.  UMASD's school closing number - 307 - will be broadcast only on KYW Newsradio 1060-AM and The Viking Channel, the school district's cable access channel.  Announcements should start by 6:30 a.m.  Please do not call the school. 

    •   An emergency closing is for a one-day period.  If schools must remain closed for another day, a second announcement will be made via School Messenger, KYW Newsradio and The Viking Channel.  No announcement is made concerning the re-opening of schools.

    •   Occasionally, the Superintendent determines that schools must be closed early.  This decision is based on weather, traffic and area road conditions.  These factors sometimes change hourly.  If schools are closed early, a School Messenger contact will be made and the information will be on The Viking ChannelKYW Newsradio will be notified; however, the district cannot guarantee that KYW will carry early dismissal notices.   

    •   If schools are closed or dismissed early, all extracurricular activities, adult education evening classes, and "Use Permit" activities are canceled for that day.  Parents/guardians should plan well in advance so that students know where they are to go if schools close early. 


    Updates to the Middle School Calendar and information on school activities may be found on the Middle School Website (Calendar).  Select “Middle School” from the dropdown menu.