Attendance Clerk: Monica Johnson  msattendance@umasd.org or 610-205-8811


    The student day begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:50 PM in the Middle School.

    Bus students will be dropped off at the main entrance and students should report directly to their first period class.  Parents who drive their children to school should follow our drop-off procedures, pulling up to the cones and dropping off students in a timely manner.  Walkers may use either the front or the stadium entrance.  At the end of the day, buses will pick up at the front entrance, and parents should pick up using our pick-up procedures.

    A student who arrives late MUST report to the attendance clerk with a note from home.  Late students must get passes from the attendance clerk in order to enter classes.


    Students who have no after-school obligations or activities should proceed to their buses or their homes immediately. Students who participate in after-school activities or in Student Achievers must go to their assigned location in an orderly and timely fashion.  No students are to remain in or around the school building unless they are with school-assigned personnel and have parental permission for the activity.

    If it is necessary for a student to leave school before dismissal time, a note from home explaining the reason for early dismissal must be presented to the building attendance clerk before the first class of the day.


    Regular attendance at school is an important part of every student's success and is necessary in order to gain the greatest benefit from the school's educational experience.  Research shows that students who have excellent attendance have better grades and score better on assessments.
    Students who are frequently late or absent from school miss direct instruction and regular contact with their teachers. 
    The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania law and school policy require regular daily attendance. 
    When absences and tardies accumulate, it results in academic difficulty.  Our district has an active Student Assistance Team and additional services that are available to you and your family.  We share a common goal to ensure that your child reaches his or her full potential. 
    Please partner with the middle school to work for academic excellence by having your child attend school regularly and on time. Schedule vacations during the summer and school breaks to maximize instructional time.  Schedule doctor and dental appointments after school hours.  If it is necessary to schedule an appointment during the day, bring your child back to school as soon as possible. 
    Should your child have a special circumstance for an absence or absences, please speak to his or her counselor. 
    The student school day begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:50 PM.  Students who do not ride buses should arrive no earlier than 7:30 AM.  Bus students should be at their stop ten minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.  After students arrive at school, they are not permitted to leave school property unless they are supervised by authorized school personnel or they have followed the early dismissal procedures.


    School attendance is very important and all student absences must be verified.  Parents/guardians are expected to notify the attendance clerk prior to 9:00 AM to report the absence of a student.  A written explanation of the absence must be brought to the attendance clerk or emailed to msattendance@umasd.org within three (3) days after the student's return to school or the absence will be termed unlawful.

    If parents/guardians have advance notice of an absence, they should send a note to the attendance clerk at msattendance@umasd.org before the day of the absence.

    Students may not leave the building at any time without reporting first to the attendance clerk, unless they are with authorized instructional personnel.  Cutting a class constitutes an unlawful absence and could result in suspension.


    Parents/guardians are urged not to request early dismissals.  Except in cases of extreme emergency or extenuating circumstances, the school will be reluctant to approve such requests.  If it is absolutely essential to request an early dismissal, the parent must email the attendance clerk at msattendance@umasd.org, or the student must report to the attendance clerk before the first class with a note from home requesting the early dismissal.  The request must include the date, time, and reason for the dismissal.  The student will be issued an early dismissal pass.  When the student is ready to leave, he/she should report to the Main Office Reception Area with the pass.  Any student returning from a medical or dental appointment must present the card with the doctor/dentist's signature to the attendance clerk.


    What Is An Unlawful Absence?

    An absence that is not excused by a parent/guardian in writing within three school days will be considered UNLAWFUL.

    The district will notify the parent/guardian in writing of the first, second, and third unlawful absence(s).

    Following the third unlawful absence, the District will coordinate a school/ family conference to discuss truancy and develop a mutually agreed upon "School Attendance Improvement Plan."

    When a student of compulsory school age has accumulated six (6) unlawful absences, the principal will send a letter by registered mail and/or first class mail advising that a criminal complaint will be lodged with the District Court without further notice. 

    The Upper Merion Area School District will work with the family to provide support and referral information for assistance from community social service agencies.

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