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    * President: Beth Kagan


    President or Co-Presidents:

    Shall preside over all Board Meetings and General Assembly meetings.  Shall negotiate all contracts with any vendor, company, or individual who shall engage in business with the PTC.  Shall, along with the Treasurer, be a second signatory on all PTC bank accounts.


    * Vice-President: Michael Sobkow


    Shall perform the duties of the President at any and all PTC functions in the Presidents absence.  Shall assume the office of President in the event of a vacancy.  Shall, as needed, act as Volunteer Coordinator.


    * Treasurer: Chrissie DeCamillo


    Shall keep a detailed ledger of all PTC income and expenditures. Shall keep possession of all PTC checkbooks.  Shall be a signatory on all PTC bank accounts.  Shall provide a current financial statement at each Board Meeting.  Shall provide an end-of-year financial statement at the end of the school year.


    * Secretary: Jessica Wanner


    Shall record the minutes of all Board meetings.  Shall provide a written copy of all meeting minutes, which will be posted on the website for viewing by families.


    * Corresponding Secretary: Rea Gamber


    Corresponding Secretary:

    Shall conduct the correspondence of the PTC, such as distributing flyers and posting information to the PTC website.

    * Volunteer Coordinator: Jessica Kopp


    Volunteer Coordinator:

    Shall coordinate a chair-person for committees, and organize volunteers for events as necessary.  Shall maintain a Sign Up website or organize PTC sign up sheets.





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