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    Bridgeport Library Procedures

    1Kindergarten, first, second, third and fourth grade children have library class once every four days.  They should return their books every visit, if possible.  If they need a book for longer it can be  renewed.  Kindergarten students are allowed one book a week, first graders one book a week, second, third and fourth graders two books a week.  If you do not return books loaning privileges may be taken away until the books are located.


    2. Students are encouraged  to check out books at their reading level to encourage reading at appropriate levels but are not held to that.  I am always more than happy to help your child find a book that they will love :)
    3. Books can also be checked out every day during school time with the teacher’s permission. This way, if a child forgets their book on library day or finishes their book, they have another chance to check out books for that week.
    4. We do not charge fines for overdue books.
    5. If you think that your child has lost their book, please contact us.  Sometimes it was returned and is on the library shelf, or it could be in the child's classroom.  We will help you locate the book, if possible.
    6. If a child has one overdue book, they can still check out  books.  If a child has two overdue books, they must return them before they can check more books out.

    If you have any problems, please contact us!  We want your child to have a great library experience, and to learn to love reading!









Last Modified on March 17, 2023