Who are your teachers?

    Mr. Jay Mehta: Language Arts

    Mrs. Courtney Beatty: Science and Social Studies
    Mrs. Christa Tuffy: Math
    Ms. Angela DiPasquale: Co-teacher for Math
    Mrs. Marianna VanDeBoe: Co-teacher for ELA

    Together, we strive to ensure that your child has a successful year in sixth grade. We firmly believe that children receive the best education possible when parents/guardians, children, and teachers work together.

    6th Grade Manatees...

    ∙ are life-long learners
    ∙ are responsible
    ∙ have a positive attitude
    ∙ are considerate of others
    ∙ try their personal best
    ∙ exhibit teamwork skills
    ∙ practice perseverance
    ∙ respect the rights of others
    ∙ learn from their mistakes and try again
    ∙ accept othersand show compassion
    ∙ exhibit the Viking Values


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