• The Outdoor Experience
    College Settlement Outdoor School



    The Ultimate Fifth Grade Experience!

    In the spring, students travel to College Settlement Camp in Horsham for three exciting days of learning, fun, and friendship.  ** Yes you, fifth grader, reading on your iPad.  YOU have been chosen to go with your friends on a morning-to-night outdoor excursion! You will travel on a beautiful and spacious yellow school bus to the College Settlement Camp in Horsham!**

    Students grow as individuals and as a team by participating in group challenges that enable them to succeed in tasks that could only be offered in a camp-like setting. Students play Gaga, create skits, go on scavenger hunts and celebrate around a campfire while getting the opportunity to interact with classmates and teachers in a different environment.

    Here, the classroom walls vanish as outdoor group lessons extend concepts learned throughout the year into the living environment surrounding us. The science curriculum is heavily extended throughout the students' interactions with nature's biotic and abotic parts. You will be visited by guest speakers and spend one-on-one time with animals in the Eco-center.  Your teachers and camp counselors will teach lessons on orienteering, Native American lifestyles, water health, nature survival, energy, animals, using your senses, etc. At camp, students will keep a daily journal of their fun and learning. These will be graded for LA and will be returned for you to treasure forever!

    If you don't think that you can 'rough it' for three days - don't worry, you won't have to.  The cabins are big, clean, and have full bathrooms.  Every camper will get his or her own bunk bed or cot.  Girls have their own cabins far away from the boys. Boys will have their own cabins close to the main dining hall and game courts. (Lucky, lucky boys!) The food is outstanding and served family style, just like you would be served at Maggianos - minus all of the drippy candles and soft music in the background. This doesn't mean that you won't have music. We sing a lot and your teachers may be forced to dance if our team doesn't waste food!


    This is an opportunity of a lifetime and a trip that you will never forget!!!