• CREATE (Culture, Respect, Empathy, Appreciation, Tolerance, Education) is a student action group, started four years ago.  CREATE’s mission is to promote a more tolerant and accepting community for all learners.  One of CREATE’s primary goals is to cultivate an environment where students comfortably express their concerns, ideas, and feelings, as well as to facilitate healthy relationships among students, staff, and community members.


    The student coalition consists of up diverse learners who assume leadership roles.  Their task is to identify areas where the Upper Merion Middle School can improve and they construct engaging and interactive action plans to address those areas of concern. 


    Students educate the staff, teachers, classmates, and community members about differences that often cause misunderstandings as well as highlight often unseen similarities between us.  CREATE has a three-pronged approach: 1) building appreciation of diversity through the arts (e.g., displays); 2) peer education (stereotypes, informative religious, student surveys); and 3) events such as the Speak-Out (winter) and Open Mic (spring) where a place is provided for student voices several times a year.  CREATE also emphasizes parental and community outreach as well as in-house collaboration (such as in the case of preparations for the contribution toward the Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration).


    What is CREATE?

    • Stands for: Culture/Respect/Appreciation/Empathy/Tolerance/Education
    • CREATE promotes appreciation of all ethnicities/races, nationalities, religions, and language groups
    • The areas of work for CREATE include the following:
      • Building appreciation for diversity through the arts
      • Peer Presentations
      • School-wide Events
    • Was founded five years ago by Mrs. Angela Della Valle, Ms. Faith Seymour, and Mrs. Traci Papst in 2008
    • Current advisors is Mrs. Angela Della Valle
    • Annual projects include:
      • Speak-Out
      • Open Mic
      • Social Studies-connected world religion informative presentations
      • Holocaust Remembrance Assembly
      • Cinco de Mayo Assembly
      • Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration
      • Car Wash Fundraiser
    • Involves students in middle school and high school as leaders!
    • CREATE meets twice a month on Wednesdays from 3-4:30 p.m. in C112, Mrs. Della Valle’s room (adellavalle@umasd.org; 610205-8878)
    • Meetings begin October 4, 2017; see MS Calendar https://www.umasd.org/Page/5793