• Withdrawal from School

    If, for any reason, a student intends to withdraw from school (or tech school), a conference with the guidance counselor and parent/guardian must be scheduled in advance of the withdrawal date. The student must obtain a withdrawal form from the main office and have it signed by his/her teachers and the librarian, indicating there are no obligations due the school. The student also must complete a transfer-of-records card. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to accompany the student during this check-out process since the signature of parent/guardian is required by the principal.

    At age 16, students must attend school unless they have full time employment, the principal's permission to withdraw, and parental consent. At least 36 hours of the employment must be during school hours. At age 17, students must remain in school unless they have parental permission to withdraw.

    As per PA School code, students whose names are on the active membership roll, who are at anytime in the school term absent from school for 10 consecutive school days, shall thereafter be removed from the active membership roll unless one of the following occurs:

       (1)  The district has been provided with evidence that absence may be legally excused.

       (2)  Compulsory attendance prosecution has been or is being pursued.