• Visitors


    When parents or alumni visit the school during the regular school day, they are required to enter by way of the front lobby and to register at the desk. Staff members will confirm appointments, give directions and help in any other way necessary. All visitors are required to wear a visitor's badge.


    Student visitors are discouraged. Upper Merion Area High School will only allow student visitors, on a one-day basis, who are prospective Upper Merion students. These procedures must be followed:

    •the student host brings a note from home at least 48 hours in advance and meets with the appropriate Assistant Principal to plan for the day;

    •the plan is approved; the student goes to all teachers whose classes are to be visited for signatures indicating their approval of this activity;

    •the host student returns the signed plan to the appropriate Assistant Principal at least 24 hours before the visit;

    •the host student is on hand to welcome and escort the guest from the front office and throughout the entire day of the visit.

    •the visitor is required to provide 2 emergency contact phone numbers.

    •the visitor is required to wear a visitor's badge.

    If these procedures are not followed, any visitor will be directed to leave the school immediately and the police may be notified.