• U.M.A.A.T.

    UMAAT (Upper Merion Area Assistance Team) is a team of specially trained staff members who are committed to assisting all students in need.  The goal of the team is to provide a system of identification, intervention, referral, and after-care for students who exhibit "at-risk" behaviors.  All work done by UMAAT is strictly confidential, and information is shared only with UMAAT team members.  The team is not a disciplinary arm of the high school, and all aspects of the team’s work is designed to recommend a plan of action for identified students.

    The process by which the team works is as follows:


    ·          A referral is made to the team by a student, parent, counselor, or any staff person.

    ·          The UMAAT team will contact the parent to discuss the referral and the possible services that can be offered by the team (exceptions may be made for emergency reasons).

    ·          Information regarding the student’s academic progress, attendance and behavior at school will be gathered by the assigned “case manager” from the UMAAT team.

    ·          The team will review the information and determine what type of intervention, if any, is needed.

    ·          This information/recommendation will be made to the student and parent.

    ·          If the student follows through with team recommendations, the team will continue to support and monitor the student’s progress to provide any other necessary supports.

    ·          If the student is referred to and spends time at a care facility, a small group made up of a UMAAT team member, guidance counselor and community counselor will provide after-care upon his/her return to school.


    Hotline Information for UMAAT and other outside service is available at any office within the High School, including the Nurse, Athletic Director or Counselors.