• Student Records

    Full information is required about each student regarding names of parents and/or guardians, home address, home and work telephone numbers, email addresses and other vital data for emergencies and for routine communications. Parents are responsible for notifying the appropriate assistant principal's office when changes occur by calling 610-205-3806 (students in grades 10 and 12) or 610-205-3807 (students in grades 9 and 11). The Health Suite requires current emergency, medical and immunization data. Parents are responsible for providing updated information to the school nurse. Calls should be made to 610-205-3871.

    Each guidance counselor maintains the permanent educational records for students in his/her student assignment. Parents may wish to meet with the counselor to check the transcript and review student records.  Upper Merion Area School District provides parents and students access to student records in compliance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974; the Pennsylvania State Board of Education Code, Chapter 12 and 341; Public Law 94-142 and school district policy. Requests for access should be made 48 hours in advance. "Records" include all records maintained by Upper Merion Area School District that are directly related to the student. The above provisions afford parents of students under 18 and all students over 18 these rights:

    A. to see and control access to student educational records;

    B. to inspect and review educational records after making an appointment in advance;

    C. to obtain copies of educational records if desired. The district will assess a charge to cover the cost of the copies.

    D. to request Upper Merion Area School District, in writing, to amend educational records if the information contained in them is inaccurate, misleading or a violation of privacy;

    E. to request a student records hearing to challenge the content the education records;

    F. to file a written complaint with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Division (FERPA), U.S. Department of Education, Switzer Building, 330 C Street, S.W. Washington, D.C., 20201, regarding violations of accorded rights.

    The school district does not release records, nor permit access to student files, except to authorized school personnel. Students and/or parents or guardians must sign a release slip in order for records to be sent to agencies requesting them. After graduation, records become the property of the graduate, and a release must be signed by the graduate in order for records to be sent. Note, however, that the school has the right to withhold all records if the student owes obligations to the district.