• Smoking


    By School Board policy (UMASD policy 222), no student is permitted to smoke, use or possess tobacco/nicotine products in any school building, on school buses, other district-owned vehicles or on school property.  For purposes of the policy, smoking is defined as any use and/or possession of tobacco/nicotine products including cigarettes, cigars, blunts, bidis, pipes, chewing tobacco, spit tobacco, snuff, electronic delivery devices, vapor products, dissolvables, and any other items containing nicotine or reasonably resembling tobacco or tobacco products. All such items will be confiscated.

    Smoking, which includes possession of any tobacco/nicotine product (lit, unlit or smokeless) constitutes a Level Three misbehavior, and the first offense carries the penalty of a one-day in-school suspension from school.  In addition, Act 168 of 1988 authorizes a civil fine of not more than $50 for a person who violates a no smoking policy in a public place or at a public meeting.

    Names of all students who are found in violation of the smoking policy are sent to the District Justice for prosecution.  Those found guilty may pay a fine of $50 and court costs of $120 or are subject to other consequences as determined by the District Justice.  The second offense will result in further suspension plus fine.  Subsequent offenses will result in an increase in disciplinary consequences.  Possession of matches and lighters is inappropriate and unnecessary; these items also will be confiscated, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. 

    When there is a reasonable suspicion of smoking, students will be subject to search.  Smokers are encouraged to join self-help programs which are available by asking the nurse, a guidance counselor or principal.