• Scholastic Eligibility of Requirements of Athletes and Club Members

     Preparation for an upcoming sports season is comprised of two phases - undergoing a medical examination and completing PIAA eligibility forms.  The Director of Athletics and Activities will give student athletes the necessary PIAA permission card and tetanus information card, and inform them to complete the necessary information as requested. Student athletes will not be examined by the doctor or declared eligible to play until these cards have been returned and signed by the person authorized.  The PIAA eligibility forms will be filed in the Activities office.  The Director of Athletics and Activities has the responsibility to make sure that only eligible students compete in practice and in interscholastic contests.


    The School Board, administration, and faculty believe that any student who is failing two or more courses should not participate in interscholastic contests where he or she represents the school.  Nor should students participate in performances or meetings when their academic record contains two failures. 

    Attendance Requirements

    Students must be in attendance on the day of an event by 10:21 a.m. in order to participate.  Exceptions to this policy need prior approval from the Director of Athletics and Student Activities.

    Curriculum Requirements

    To be eligible to participate in school-sponsored activities students must pursue a program of studies defined and approved by the principal as a "full-time" curriculum.

    The curriculum must conform with regulations of the Pennsylvania State Board of Education, the state School Code, and the policies of the Upper Merion Area Board of School Directors.

    By School Board policy students will be declared ineligible if grades of "F" are reported in two or more courses.

    If a grade of "F" is reported in two or more courses for the first, second, or third marking period, a student is ineligible for fifteen school days, beginning on the first day report cards are issued.  At the end of the school year, students' final grades, not fourth marking period grades, will be used to determine eligibility for the first marking period of the following school year.

    If a grade of "F" is reported for two or more courses on any given week of a marking period, a student is ineligible beginning at midnight Saturday of that week; the student remains ineligible until midnight Saturday, one week later.  Ineligibility continues from week to week until the student is no longer failing two or more courses.

    Definition of Ineligible:

    For the following activities, an ineligible student may not participate in any competition or performance; nor may he or she be in uniform or costume during the competition or performance; nor may he or she accompany the team to or from the contest or performance; nor may he or she be in the team or cast area during the contest or performance:

    ·          All athletic teams; Cheerleading Squad; Drama Club; Marching Band; Math Team; Spring Musica

    For school sponsored clubs, an ineligible student may not attend or participate in any meeting or activity.  

    Reporting Procedures

      A weekly grade report will be taken from teacher grade books for the purpose of eligibility.  Eligibility is based on the cumulative grade average for the marking period.  The weekly eligibility report will indicate any student involved in an activity that has a grade of D or F in their courses.  Students will be considered under “Warning” if they are receiving a D or an F is reported for one week.  Students will be considered “Ineligible” if a course that was reported as a D falls to an F and/or an F is reported for a course in consecutive weeks.  Students must be failing two courses to be considered ineligible.
    Students who are issued ISS may not participate in activities on the day(s) of suspension.  Students who are issued OSS may not participate in activites until the first day they return to school from suspension.  Students who are issued OSS prior to a weekend or holiday may not participate in activities until the next school day following the suspension.


    Upper Merion Area High School has adopted the Pioneer Athletic Conference's athletic expectations policy which includes a Code of Conduct and the enforcement of a mandatory one game suspension, for a coach or student athlete, removed from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct. 

    NCAA Clearinghouse

    All students who wish to participate in college athletics at the Division I or Division II level must be determined to be academically eligible through the NCAA Clearinghouse.  This is accomplished by meeting certain academic standards as well as the standards on nationwide tests such as the SAT.  Parents of students with aspirations for college athletics should be working closely with the guidance counselor beginning in Grade 9.  Close cooperation between the students and his/her counselor is especially important regarding the selection of courses during the scheduling process.

    Students and their parents are responsible for familiarity and compliance with NCAA or other college eligibility standards.  Upon request, the District will assist parents in obtaining access to and interpreting such eligibility standards.

    Inherent Risk and Participation Agreement

    Activities often involve forceful contact with the ground or another person.  Because of the conditions inherent to activities, participating exposes a student to many risks of injury.  These injuries include but are not limited to: death, paralysis, brain damage, damage to internal organs, serious injury to the bones, ligaments, joints, and tendons and general deterioration of health.  Such injuries can result not only in temporary loss of function, but also in serious impairment of future physical, psychological, and social abilities, including the ability to earn a living.

    In an effort to make activities as safe as they can be, the coaching staff/sponsors will instruct students concerning the rules and the correct mechanics of all skills.  It is vital that students follow the coach’s/sponsor’s skill instructions, training rules and policies to decrease the possibility of serious injury.


    The Upper Merion Area School District does not provide insurance for any student participating in activities; however, the district does provide parents with the opportunity to purchase student accident insurance at a nominal fee. It is the responsibility of the family to provide adequate medical coverage for their child.  If a student is injured, they must look to their own family medical insurance for coverage.