1. All seniors must register their vehicles and be issued a parking permit in order to park on the high school grounds.
    2. All seniors who register their vehicles and purchase a permit for $25.00 (which is non-refundable) will be authorized to park in the designated spaces in the High School parking lot through a lottery.
    3. Before receiving a parking permit, the student must have a valid driver’s license and registration for the car they will be driving.  The parking permit numbers for the high school main lot will match the parking space number assigned to seniors and will be recorded on the student’s parking registration form.
    4. Students may not transfer parking permits to vehicles not registered.  If a permit is not on the properly registered car, the student’s privileges may be revoked.
    5. Parking in the Administration Building parking lot (Green Section) or along the curbing in front of the administration building is strictly off-limits to all students.
    6. Students who park in these locations and other areas in violation of this policy are subject to consequences in the school's Code of Conduct.
    7. Cars permitted to park on school property are subject to the Search and Seizure Laws of the State of Pennsylvania, State Board, and Upper Merion Area School District policies.
    8. Seniors who find someone illegally parked in their registered space should park in a visitor spot near the flagpole and immediately notify Mr. Godby or an assistant principal.