Class Rank/GPA

    Weighted and unweighted grade point averages shall be computed cumulatively at the end of each school year using final course grades.

    A student’s unweighted grade point average will be based upon numerical values of A=4, B=3, C=2,  D=1 and F=0 for all levels of instruction.  All coursework taken will be included in the calculation of a student’s unweighted grade point average with the exception of courses graded on a Pass/Fail basis. 

    A weighted grade point average will be calculated for each student in order to reflect the increased academic rigor of Honors and Advanced Placement coursework.  A student’s weighted grade point average will be based on a bonus point system.  Bonus points will be added to a student’s unweighted grade point average for Honors or Advanced Placement courses in the following manner.  Each Honors or Advanced Placement course in which a student has received a grade of “C” or better will award the student .2 bonus points per credit awarded.  Bonus points for partial credit courses will be pro-rated accordingly.   A student may earn a maximum of .8 bonus points per school year, the equivalent of 4 one-credit Honors or AP courses.

    A student’s weighted and unweighted grade point averages will be entered on his/her record and shall be subject to the Board’s policy on release of student records. 

    No class rank will be recorded on a student’s record.  Additional information will be provided on the high school profile in order to inform post-secondary institutions of a student’s relative academic placement among his/her peers.  A distribution of the range of weighted grade point averages for each decile ranking will be recorded for each graduation class at the end of the 11th grade year.  The maximum, median, and minimum weighted grade point averages will also be recorded.  In addition, a general grade distribution of final course letter grades will be part of the high school profile.  Any institution may request in writing the class rank of any student, if class rank is required for admission to the school or for scholarship purposes.  In this case a numerical class rank will be released using the student’s weighted grade point average.


    Honor Roll

    Students earning a minimum average of 3.5 unweighted marking period GPA will be recognized by inclusion in the Upper Merion Area High School Distinguished Honor Roll.  Students earning a minimum average of 3.25 (but below 3.5) unweighted marking period GPA will be recognized by inclusion in the Upper Merion Area High School Meritorious Honor Roll.


     Academic Awards Ceremony

    The Board of School Directors recognizes academically achieving students at a banquet in May.  To qualify for this recognition, students must be included on the Distinguished Honor Roll for the first three marking periods of the year.



    Grades are issued for each of the four quarters (grading or marking periods) of the school year.  In addition, a letter grade for the final examination and the final letter grade for the course are reported at the same time as the grade for the fourth marking period.  The methods for determining the final grade for a course will be based on the LETTER grades for the four grading periods and the final examination.  Procedures used in the identification of honor roll students, calculation of Grade Point Average, and determination of class rank all depend on the LETTER grade.  The numerical grade is not considered in these procedures. Students are responsible for reviewing with each individual teacher the work missed during absence from class and arranging for make-up within school guidelines; excessive excused absences could affect the grade.

    In case of grades of "Incomplete," work must be made up within ten school days from the date of issue of the report card.  After the ten-day period is exhausted, the grade reverts to an F.  Extenuating circumstances must be discussed with the teacher and the counselor and approved by the principal.  



    Passing Requirements

    A grade of "C" is considered acceptable work for any course.  A "D" grade indicates less than expected mastery of subject matter but indicates, also, that the level of work was at a minimum level for which credit is awarded.  A grade of "F" indicates that the level of work was far below minimum expectation and the course must be repeated for credit to be awarded.

    Three out of the five grades given for a year-long course (one for each report period and the final examination) must be a "D" or better to receive credit for a course.  However, if both the grades for the final report period and the final examination are "F," the course is failed and no credit is awarded.  In semester (half-year) courses, at least two out of the three grades must be a "D" or better for credit to be awarded. 

    The average numerical value assigned to a course is the total numerical value for all grades divided by five (three in the case of semester courses).  The following table of numerical values and letter grade equivalents apply:




    4.0 System




    3.6 – 4.0

    90 – 100 (A)



    2.6 – 3.5

    80 – 89 (B)



    1.6 – 2.5

    70 – 79 (C)



    0.6 – 1.5

    65 – 69 (D)



    0 – 0.5

    Below 65 (F)


    I - Incomplete (Students have ten school days after the day report cards are issued to make up the work.)
    P - Passing
    X -  Medical Excuse (A doctor's note must be presented for verification.)
    WP - Withdrawn with a passing grade

    WF - Withdrawn with a failing grade

    O – Outstanding
    NG - No Grade