Each student is assigned a locker, which is the property of the school and subject to inspection and search. ITEMS OF VALUE SHOULD NOT BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL. The school assumes no responsibility and will not reimburse students for any personal article, equipment or cash that is lost or stolen from any locker. Each student is to use only the locker assigned to him/her; no student should allow another person to use a locker or to learn the combination. Lockers must be kept clean and orderly. Each student is responsible for any damage to the lock and/or locker. Problems should be reported to the Assistant Principal.

    Each student is reminded to plan locker stops. Picking up materials from one's locker is not an excuse for lateness to class or to a study hall.

    No special lock is to be used on a hall locker. However, students are strongly encouraged to purchase a padlock to use on gym lockers to insure maximum protection. The school will not assume responsibility for any student property that is lost or stolen from gym lockers.

    Any student involved in drug/alcohol incidents or suspected of a violation of school rules or state laws, shall be deemed to have consented to the search of his or her locker. If the school has suspicion that any locker is being used improperly for the storage of contraband, a substance or object the possession of which is illegal, or any material that poses a threat to the health, welfare or safety of the school population, a search will be conducted, per School Board Policy 226. General searches will occasionally be made when authorized by the principal, the Superintendent, or the Board of School Directors.


    The school will not assume responsibility for the loss of personal property/equipment brought to school. Any property/equipment brought to school for class work and/or class projects must be secured with specific acknowledgment and agreement with the classroom teacher.