• Library/Media Services

    The Library/Media Information Center provides the print, non-print and electronic resources to meet the information needs of all students and teachers in the school.  Online database and periodical subscriptions can be accessed from home with passwords obtained from the library.


              7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.   Tuesday – Thursday

              7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday & Friday


    Circulation and Loan Periods

    • Three weeks for most library materials.  Renew as needed-this can be done via email.
    • Overnight for reserve materials and equipment.
    • No circulation for periodicals and some reference materials.
    • Report cards will be held in the library for students with overdue materials.
    • When borrowing from Access PA, the student is responsible for any fines charged for overdue materials.


    Access To the Library

    In addition to scheduled class time, students have access to the library before and after school, during study halls, and during lunch. 

    • No passes are necessary before homeroom—just check in and scan your ID for attendance.
    •  As per school policy, individual students need to obtain a pass to come to the library during the school day. There are THREE types of regular passes:  Study Hall Teacher Passes, Lunch Passes and general Library Passes. School hall passes are not accepted.
    •  For attendance purposes, student ID barcodes are required and will always be scanned from the top of your laptop or ID card upon entering the library.


    How to Obtain Passes to the Library

    From Study Hall:

    • Study Hall teachers will give you a laminated Library Pass that you will drop at the Circulation Desk upon arrival.
    • You go into study hall with a Green Library Pass completed by one of your subject teachers to work on a specific project. This will allow you to sign out of study hall to come to the Library.

    From Lunch:

    • Lunch passes: are obtained from the Library staff before 10:30 AM.
    • Tech students get their Lunch passes at the Attendance Desk upon check in.

    From Regular Classes:

    • Obtain a Green Library Pass from your subject teacher.

    After school: 

    • Students who wish to stay after school must scan in by 2:45 pm or come in with a pass from the teacher you were with prior to coming to the Library.


    Rules of Conduct

    1.   All school discipline policies must be followed.

    2.  There is a relaxed food and drink policy.  See the Library home page for details.

    3.  Students should work quietly and not interfere with others.

    4.   No more than 4 students at a table.

    5.   Students should be respectful.

    6.   Students must follow the Acceptable Use Policy. 

    7.   Students must ask permission to leave the library.



    •  Come to the library with all necessary materials.
    • Enter and exit through the main entrance only.
    • Upon entering, have your ID barcode scanned and leave your pass at the desk.
    • Magazines are to be read in the Periodical Room only.
    • Photocopies are $.05 per page.  Please pay at the circulation desk.
    • When using computers, print only what you really need.
    • Report directly to the library classroom when with a scheduled class.


    Login to the computer printer station at the end of the circulation desk to print black and white copies.

    • Color Printing:
    • Students must save documents on a USB and ask the Library staff to print their color documents.
    • Students will be allowed to print two free pages in color, after that there is a charge of $.25 per page, paid in advance.  (Color printing for pages with solid color backgrounds will be $.50)
    • Color printing for class assignments will be free if submitted to a teacher’s course folder to be printed by the teacher.  (Teachers will plan with the library staff before assigning required color printed assignments.)
    • The Library also has a photocopy machine for free copying of library materials for research.