• Health Services
    A full-time Certified School Nurse oversees all aspects of the School Health Services Program.  Parents and students are encouraged to contact the School Nurse to discuss individual student medical status, medications, and/or special procedures.  Call 610-205-3871 to discuss any medial concerns.

    Admission to the Health Suite:   Students must have a pass to enter the Health Suite.  Except for emergencies, students are not allowed to enter the Health Suite without a pass or between periods. 

    Student Data Sheet:   New data sheets are sent to each student and must be returned at the beginning of the school year.  Up-to-date emergency information is vital to locating parents or alternative emergency contacts for students who are ill or injured.  Any special instructions for emergency care or HMO physician notification should be noted.  Medical concerns, allergies, and medications should be noted on the sheet.  All medical information will be treated with confidentiality.

    Illness or injury during school hours:   Student illness or injury incurred during the school day will be treated in accordance with guidelines approved by school district physicians.  Any further medical care, including ambulance transportation, will be the parent's responsibility. The school encourages students to participate in the student accident insurance program, which is available at modest cost.  If it is necessary for a student to leave school because of illness or injury, the School Nurse will contact a parent or emergency alternate to arrange appropriate transportation.  Students will be charged with a full day or half day of excused absence depending on the hour at which they leave school.

    Parents/guardians will be notified when students establish patterns of frequent visits to the Health Suite.  Frequent visits may indicate a legitimate medical concern, class avoidance, or be warning signs of underlying medical or mental health concerns.  All efforts will be made to identify the need for frequent visits to the Health Suite.  All discussions concerning students will be done with dignity and respect for individual needs.

    Mandated program:   Every student must be seen each year for height, weight, and vision screening.  Students in 11th grade are given a hearing screening also.  Hearing screenings may be completed for any other student upon request of parent, teacher, or the student.  Students in 11th grade and any student entering a Pennsylvania school for the first time are required to have a physical examination.
    Forms are mailed home or given to new students upon registration so students can have the examination done by their family physician. Students who do not return the Report by a Private Physician by October 1 will be scheduled for an examination by a school physician.  Parents will be notified of the date of the examination by the school physician.
    Medications:   A physician's order must be on file for medication of any type to be administered to a student.  For prescription medications, a physician's order must be on file.  The prescription medication must be delivered to the School Nurse in a pharmacy container with the directions for dispensing printed on it.  No medications will be accepted in envelopes or "baggies".  Parents are encouraged to arrange medication schedules outside the school day whenever possible.
    Students are not permitted to carry medications for self-administration.  Students who do not register daily medications with the School Nurse will be subject to disciplinary action.