Each student must meet certain requirements established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Board of School Directors of the Upper Merion Area School District. A program of studies including six majors, or the equivalent of six majors, is designed by the student and the student's parents, with help from the student's guidance counselor, to meet all requirements for graduation.

    In order to qualify for the Upper Merion Area High School diploma, students must successfully complete a planned course of studies comprising a minimum of 23.5 credits (or equivalent) as listed here:



    Social Studies

     Science 3.0  
     Physical Education
     Computers 0.5  
     Health 0.5  
     Arts & Humanities
     Teenage Issues
     Electives 5.5  
    Students must complete all academic requirements, including the senior graduation project, to be eligible for the diploma and to participate in the graduation ceremonies.
    English:  Students who do not meet standards in reading and writing at the end of each grade will be required to participate in a standards based English program.
    Social Studies: Students may elect the half or full credit Government and Economics course in the senior year.
    Mathematics:  Students who do not meet standards in mathematics at the end of each grade will be required to participate in a standards based mathematics program.
    Physical Education: Students must take a required Physical Education course all four high school years. 1.0 credits must be taken to meet the graduation requirement.
    Health: Students must take a required health course in 11th grade.
    Arts and Humanities: Credits may be accumulated from Art, Business, Computer, Family and Consumer Science, Foreign Language, Music, Physical Education or Technology Education.  Electives found in English, Social Studies, Math, or Science may qualify if they include standards in Arts and Humanities.
    Teenage Issues: Students must successfully complete this course prior to taking their 11th grade health class. This course will be a team taught class including standards in Careers, Family and Consumer Science, and Health.