• Field Trips


    Many teachers extend their classroom instruction with visits to other areas of the community. Trips are a privilege. Discipline records will be reviewed before students are permitted to sign up for trips.   Any student participating in field trips is to obtain a field trip request from the sponsor. The form requires the signature of a parent or guardian after all the trip information has been recorded. Completed forms are to be returned to the sponsor.

    The student is responsible for informing each teacher that he/she will be on a field trip. The student is also responsible to keep up with the work missed as a result of a field trip, and will not be excused from tests or other obligations. 

    For many events, a mode of dress may be prescribed. Students should remember that they represent their school and their appearance and behavior should be a credit to Upper Merion Area Schools. On all field trips, school rules, whether or not the trip occurs during school hours, remain in effect. Violations of school rules on a field trip may result in the revocation of a student's privilege of participating in future field trips or other school activities. Students may also be subject to discipline as outlined in the Code of Conduct.