• Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy

    The Upper Merion Area School District Board of School Directors, cognizant of the involvement of school age youth with drugs and alcohol, recognizes its responsibility to adopt a policy to deal with this concern.

    It is the intention of the Board of School Directors to cooperate with students, parents, private and governmental agencies to the full extent permitted by law, in dealing with the drug/alcohol problem.

    It is the intent of the Board that rules and regulations be developed

    1.        The development of appropriate educational programs for students, parents, and school staff.

    2.        The development of guidelines to deal with possible direct intervention by school officials where such intervention is either directed or permitted by the public school code or necessitated by the situation.

    3.        The development of guidelines dealing with referral and rehabilitation to assist students, parents and authorities concerned with treatment or rehabilitation.

    4.        The development of disciplinary rules to include cooperation with local authorities, which are designed to rehabilitate students with drug problems, promote an appropriate educational  atmosphere for all students and permit the school district to correct students’ misbehavior by resorting to various law enforcement and social agencies, as needed.

    The Superintendent is charged to formulate a discipline code and supplemental regulations, which are designed to implement this policy.


    Drug: As used herein the term “drug” shall include any mood-altering substance, mind-altering substance, alcohol or malt beverage, any substance listed in the Controlled Substance Drug Device and Cosmetic Act, also known as Act 64, as a controlled substance, abused chemical or abused  substance, and any medication for which a prescription is required under the law.  Also, any substance intended to be mind or mood-altering is encompassed by the term “drug”.  Examples of the above include, but are not limited to: beer, wine, liquor, marijuana, hashish, cocaine, amphetamines, barbiturates, LSD, heroin, chemical solvents, steroids, glue and “look-alike” drugs.