• Communications

    The following communication vehicles are in place to help distribute information:
    • UMASD District Calendar of Events – Sent home to families in August.
    • High School (www.umasd.org/umahs) and District websites (www.umasd.org) – Updated regularly with current school information.
    • Viking Channel – School based announcements and programming on Comcast channel 28 and Verizon channel 32.
    • Principal’s Bulletin – Sent home three times per year with articles highlighting happenings at the high school.
    • Pulse – Daily school announcements that are available on the high school web site or by e-mailing pulse@umasd.org.
    • HS Open House – An evening to meet your child’s teachers in September of each school year.
    • HS Parent-Teacher Conferences – Two evenings of conferences held after each of the first three marking period report cards are distributed.
    • Blackboard Connect Communication System – Automated email and calling system used to distribute timely information to students and parents.
    • Sapphire Parent Portal - This portal will allow parents and legal guardians to check their child’s grades and attendance through a secure web browser connection. To use the Parent Portal, To access the Parent Portal, please use the following web address: https://parents.k12system.com/parentportal/
    • Interim Reports – Reports mailed home at the midpoint of each marking period for students who are failing or in danger of failing coursework.
    • Report Cards – Grade reports are issued 4 times per year.
    • HS PAC - Monthly Principal's Advisory Council meetings are held in the evening.

    When parents have questions about their children’s progress and day-to-day life at school, they may use the following steps:

    1.        Make an appointment with the teacher to discuss concerns.  If there are still concerns, they should

    2.        Make an appointment to discuss the situation with the guidance counselor.  If there are still concerns, they should

    3.        Make an appointment to discuss the situation with the appropriate assistant principal.  If there are still concerns, they should

    4.        Call the building principal to arrange for a conference.

    In most cases, problems dissolve or diminish if discussed and resolved promptly.