• Cafeteria Rules

    Students may purchase breakfast in the cafeteria between 7:00 and 7:25 a.m.; the time for lunch is on each student's schedule. The Food Court is designed for the enjoyment of all students. Lunch is considered a school assignment and attendance is mandatory. Students are expected to arrive at the lunchroom PROMPTLY and are not permitted to leave the cafeteria during the lunch period without a permission slip from a principal or teacher.

    Students are not permitted to use laptops in the cafeteria.

    At all times during the school day, food and beverages are to be consumed in the cafeteria, not carried out to corridors, classrooms or lockers. Glass bottles present a hazard and should not be carried in the school. Food brought into the school should remain in lockers until the designated lunch time. During the lunch periods, students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and are expected to demonstrate good citizenship while using the cafeteria. Students who cannot demonstrate appropriate behavior and decorum will be assigned special seats or special areas in which to eat; serious misbehavior will result in special lunch arrangements. Absolutely no food or other objects are to be thrown in the cafeteria.