• Upper Merion Area High School

    -A Community of Caring-

    Upper Merion Area High School strives to provide an educational environment that is safe and secure for students and staff. Although the administration implements fair yet firm discipline standards, it is done under the premise that the school is a true community of caring. The basic tenet of the community of caring concept includes the following:

    Caring for one another  Caring is the opposite of both indifference and hate. People and institutions must demonstrate that they care about important things and each other.
    Respect for one another  To respect others means to see them as valuable in their own right.

    Trust for one another Trust requires knowledge and involves expectations.

    Responsibility for one another
      People who care are willing to be accountable for their actions, enjoying praise when things go well and willing to accept consequences when they make the wrong choices.

      We take family stability, responsibility of family members to one another, mutual respect, trust and care among family members to be essential to the health of our students and to society.

    Since the school strives to create an atmosphere that is positive and a learning environment that is conducive to high academic achievement, all disciplinary decisions are based upon the above principles.


    As a Community of Caring, Upper Merion Area High School encourages students, administrators, parents and the community to challenge bigotry and celebrate diversity. Upper Merion Area High School has zero tolerance for prejudice and harassment.
    Community of Caring