• To achieve our mission,
    we believe we must fulfill each of these
    "Statements of Excellence"
    Our district is renowned for its academic rigor, offering students a curriculum that is motivating, relevant and designed to maximize each student's learning potential.

    Every aspect of our instructional program - our curriculum, our instruction, our groupings, our scheduling, our counseling - affirms our belief that every student has many talents and vast potential.
    Our school district provides opportunities for every student to be a contributing member of a community - a member who: works collaboratively with others; makes decisions; solves problems; manages conflict; and, treats others with dignity and respect.

    It is evident that Upper Merion Area School District values the arts.

    Each student feels a sense of belonging through participation in a wide and diverse choice of school sponsored extra-curricular activities.

    We effectively use technology to enhance learning, support operations, and as a means of internal and external communication.

    Students and their families are supported by exemplary, comprehensive intervention services.

    Students are exposed to appropriate, challenging and enriching experiences that guide their post-secondary decisions.

    Structures, procedures and programs are in place to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

    Staff members are highly qualified, motivated individuals who are skills and current in the best (most effective) practices in education and in their respective areas of responsibility.

    We value our staff.

    Staff members have a deep sense of pride in our school district and are proud of its success as a close knit community.

    Our school district is fiscally responsible, exploring ways to operate efficiently, generate new funds and maximize current resources.

    Our facilities are a great source of pride because they are safe, well-maintained, enhance the learning process, promote lifelong physical fitness and support community programs.

    Our Transportation Department is known for its safety, service to students and families, and its efficiency.

    Our Food Services Department provides appetizing, healthful, affordable meals and offers a menu that is reflective of the diversity of our community.

    We believe in the power of partnerships. We have fostered internal and external partnerships and good will.

    We communicate effectively, internally and externally.