• 2023-2024 Guidelines/AUP Parent and Student Signature Sheet

    The above sheet must be filled in and signed by the student and parent.
    The above document contains the guidelines that coincide with the signature sheet. 


    Insurance Information

    Each student who wishes to participate in the One-to-One program will be required to pay an annual insurance premium of $30.00.  Students will be responsible for the deductible for each insurance claim submitted according to the following schedule:

    1st insurance claim:  $30 deductible

    2nd insurance claim:  $60 deducible

    3rd insurance claim:  $100 deductible

    Students will not be covered by insurance beyond the third insurance claim.  Intentional laptop damage, as determined by district staff, will not be covered.   All payments will be collected through the Main Office of the High School.

    Students who qualify for free and reduced lunch will be exempt from insurance premium payments but not deductibles.  Any other student or parent who would like to participate in the program but feels they are financially unable to do so should contact the building principal to discuss their options.  


    1. Direct Damage:  Pays for direct damage to the laptop on school property.
    2. Off Premise Coverage: Pays for damage to the laptop while it is in transit or off premises at another location. (Home)
    3. Theft:  Pays for loss or damage of laptop due to theft. The claim must be accompanied by an official copy of the police report.
    4. Fire:  Pays for loss or damage of the laptop due to fire. The claim must be accompanied by an official fire report from the investigating authority.
    5. Electrical Surge: Pays for damage of the laptop due to an electrical surge.
    6. Natural Disasters:  Will pay loss caused by natural disasters.


    1. Dishonest, Fraudulent, Intentional, Neglect, or Criminal Acts: Will not pay if damage or loss occurs in conjunction with a dishonest, fraudulent, intentional, neglect, or criminal act.

    2. Loss:  Students who lose their laptop will be responsible for a $500 deductible.