In 2009 the Transportation Department began an assembly that consisted of a puppet show and safety program for elementary students.
           The staff of the Transportation Department performs a puppet show that is fun and educational in that it teaches bus safety rules to students.  Each performance includes an in-house made school bus with working headlights and flashing bus lights with stop arm and crossing bar.  There is a real bus driver, along with a group of puppets, riding to and from school breaking rules along the way.
           After the bus ride, Sammy the Safety Bear takes to the stage explaining the proper way to ride a school bus and asks the elementary students to explain how the puppets have broken the rules and what they have learned about the proper way to behave on the school bus.
           For the finale, the staff sings a song and has even performed a dance!
           Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the program.  The program is held late September/early October.  Check with your school to find out assembly times at the start of the school year.
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